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Let's get the announcement out of the way first. HOPE X (our tenth conference) will be taking place July 18-20, 2014 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Preregistration will be opening in January, BUT for those of you who are quick and willing to plop some cash down without any other details, mark November 12th on your calendar (11/12/13). At 2 pm ET on that day, we will be offering a limited number of half price tickets. To stay updated, keep checking our website at (yes, that is actually our URL) or, for those of you who block the .xxx domain, visit You can also follow our Twitter feed at @hopex.

And now for some fun you can have at this very moment. Another chapter of our massive video archiving project has been unveiled with the releasing of over 100 hours of talks from The Last HOPE conference from 2008 (which happened to occur on the very same dates as HOPE-X, July 18-20). "Hackers" author Steven Levy was our keynote, and our featured speakers included Adam Savage, Jello Biafra, Kevin Mitnick, and Steven Rambam. The dozens of other talks focused on electronic voting, the growing hackerspace phenomena, the DMCA, piracy, phone phreaking, lockpicking, an increasingly visible group known as Anonymous, the TSA, and even the post office and New York City taxi system, plus a whole lot more.

Links to all of the videos can be found at our online store or at Channel 2600 on YouTube. Please help support our archiving efforts by buying DVDs for yourself or your friends at our online store. We now have seven full conferences archived on Channel 2600 via YouTube with more coming. (All nine of our conferences are available on DVD.) Please post your comments on this channel as well.

Visit The Last HOPE video archive (click on each title to get to the video)

Visit the archive of the HOPE conferences (seven conferences now online, DVDs available for all nine)

Visit Channel 2600 on YouTube.