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We're happy to start the new year with yet another chapter of our HOPE video archiving project being completed. We have more than 100 talks from The Next HOPE conference from 2010 now online. This conference took place right as Wikileaks was becoming a huge story. Julian Assange had been scheduled to be our keynote speaker but was replaced by Jacob Appelbaum when it became too dangerous for Assange to travel to the States. This collection also includes the controversial informant panel as Adrian Lamo was grilled by members of the hacker community after turning leaker Bradley Manning in to the authorities. This was truly one of the most interesting and relevant hacker conferences ever to take place.

We also had security expert Dan Kaminsky as our other keynote, along with tons of additional panels and talks from a wide variety of experts who descended on HOPE from all around the world. Surveillance, privacy, leaking, phone phreaking, hackerspaces, lockpicking, you name it - you'll find it in this collection.

Links to all of the videos can be found at our online store or at Channel 2600 on YouTube. Please help support our archiving efforts by buying DVDs for yourself or your friends at our online store. We now have eight full conferences archived on Channel 2600 via YouTube with more coming. (All nine of our conferences are available on DVD.) Please post your comments on this channel as well.

Visit The Next HOPE video archive (click on each title to get to the video)

Visit the archive of the HOPE conferences (eight conferences now online, DVDs available for all nine)

Visit Channel 2600 on YouTube.